Concept, Detail Design and Implementation Supervision for Interiors and Retail Marketing Collateral & Graphics.

Smilepod offers dental services – from cleaning, straightening and whitening to traditional remedial treatments – and a suite of facial cosmetic work at seven central London Pods. Clients are seen promptly at convenient times, can book online and prices are clearly advertised. In short, the business is overhauling the sector, persuading clients to categorize aesthetic dentistry with spa and hair appointments and makes taking care of oral hygiene a pleasure, not a hassle.

Blass has designed interiors and graphics for Smilepod since 2011. An environment more reminiscent of a spa than a dental surgery encourages clients – not ‘patients’ – to relax and focus on the aesthetic  gain of a treatment rather than the pain of a procedure that is more commonly associated with a trip to the dentist. Clearly advertised prices for treatments spelled out in plain English mean that clients can make informed and confident decisions and ensure that the Pods are approachable.